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Shoppy Israel is Israel’s 1st online supermarket delivery service of its kind.

Our aim is to provide an authentic Israeli supermarket and pharmacy shopping experience online with all the convenience of a quick and efficient delivery service tailored specifically to English and French speakers in Israel. 

With thousands of products to choose from and more being added everyday, Shoppy is pioneering a new way of shopping through caring and diligent customer service, this new process is called SHOPPYING 🙂

For most people, food, grocery and pharmacy shopping is an intimate process; we need to see and feel our products in order to appreciate them, this is why Shoppyers (our pickers) select each item based on your request and communicate any and all changes with you live during the Shoppying process!

Our mission over time is to bring you a wide array of items that will include quality specialty products such as:

  • Boutique butcher meats
  • Organic farm produce
  • Organic health foods 
  • Fresh fish
  • Home maintenance products
  • Coffee and disposable supplies for offices
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Fresh pastry and bakery products
  • Imported goods that remind us of home or vacation

and so much more.

Shoppy Israel Shopping Cart

What sets SHOPPY apart from other grocery or delivery services is that our goal is to provide you with several options, several different stores and their individual offers, specialised products, all in one delivery at the same time. 

Convenience above all from the comfort of your own home. 

Your orders will be picked up on the same day as delivery to ensure freshness.

Thank you for choosing Shoppy!


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